About 4PawsPic

Hello my name is Erin Cyr  and I love Dogs! Grew up with many different kinds. My husband and I recently got a new Black Lab who we  named Kenzie and she is my heart dog. My dogs have always been the subject of my photography, good thing she will do anything for cheese. My father was the first person to put a camera in my hands. Since then well it has grown into a passion that some may say is an obsession, particularity my dog.  I started photographing agility because of my very own mother, who was a competitor and the center of attention.  My two nephews have also been the focus of many photo sessions, so two legs or four I love them all.

It is my goal to keep the entire photography experience as stress-free as possible. Feel free to like us on Facebook for any upcoming sales and to be updated when trial photos are posted. 

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